Canada’s Meteoric Rise in the FIBA World Cup: The Journey and The Future

September 7, 2023

The Dawn of Canada’s Basketball Renaissance

In the heart of Toronto, back in August 2011, the echoes of basketballs bouncing resonated in a university gym. The Canadian senior men’s national team was gearing up, and among them was Cory Joseph. Joseph, a diligent student of the game, had grown up idolizing legends like Steve Nash and Vince Carter. These early influences laid the foundation for Canada’s renaissance in international basketball.

The Pioneers: Joseph and Thompson

The significance of Tristan Thompson being drafted No. 4 overall was monumental for Canadian basketball. Joseph, drafted 29th by the San Antonio Spurs, stood alongside him as a beacon of hope. Their journey in the FIBA Americas was heartbreaking, missing out on the 2012 Olympics, but it heralded the dawn of a new era.

The Wave of Potential: Wiggins, Bennett, and Barrett

By the early 2010s, Canada was abuzz with the promise of young talent. Andrew Wiggins, at just 16, was drawing comparisons to basketball titans like McGrady and Durant. Anthony Bennett and Wiggins making history as consecutive No. 1 overall drafts underscored Canada’s rising status. RJ Barrett, another prodigy, led Canada’s U19 team to a historic win over the USA at the FIBA Under-19 World Cup.

The NBA Connection

The connection between Canadian players and the NBA grew stronger. For nine consecutive seasons, Canada was the most represented country in the NBA after the USA. Despite this NBA success, the national team faced a series of setbacks, falling short of major international tournaments.

2023 FIBA World Cup: Turning the Tide

The buildup to the 2023 FIBA World Cup was filled with anticipation and challenges. With significant players like Jamal Murray and Cory Joseph missing, the odds seemed stacked against Canada. Yet, adversity often breeds resilience. Trailing Spain by seven points with mere minutes on the clock, the Canadian team showcased their spirit. Clutch performances from Dillon Brooks, Nickeil Alexander-Walker, and the rising superstar, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, sealed a memorable win. This victory not only secured Canada’s place in the World Cup quarterfinals but also a coveted spot in the 2024 Olympics.

The Road Ahead: Paris 2024 and Beyond

The roster for the 2024 Olympics in Paris promises to be one of the most formidable ever. With potential inclusions like Murray, Gilgeous-Alexander, Nembhard, Wiggins, and Sharpe, the depth of talent is unprecedented. As Gilgeous-Alexander aptly put it after securing the Olympic berth, “half of our job is done.” The focus now shifts to the World Cup gold medal.

Key Challenges and Strategies

Canada’s upcoming challenges include facing off against basketball giants like Luka Doncic’s Slovenia and the offensively dominant Serbia. While Canada’s defense is its mainstay, the versatility of players like Doncic demands innovative defensive strategies. Yet, Canada has shown the ability to adapt and counter, with defensive stalwarts like Brooks and Dort capable of neutralizing threats.

Canada’s X-Factor: Cohesion and Depth

With a leader like Gilgeous-Alexander, reminiscent of Nash’s leadership, Canada boasts not only star players but also depth. Players like Barrett, Alexander-Walker, and Olynyk have the potential to change the course of a game. The synergy of individual talents, combined to form a cohesive unit, is Canada’s true strength.

The Countdown to Glory

As the championship game approaches, the message from the coaching staff is clear: continuous improvement. Coach Fernandez’s mantra of getting “1% better” each day has propelled the team to its most successful run in decades. With each passing day, the dream of Canada standing atop the basketball world becomes more tangible.


Canada’s journey in the world of basketball, from the early days of Nash to the current era of Gilgeous-Alexander, is a testament to perseverance, talent, and unity. The 2023 FIBA World Cup is not just a tournament; it’s a chapter in Canada’s rich basketball tapestry. As the team gears up for the final stages, the entire nation watches with bated breath, hoping to witness history.

Diagram Explanation: The mermaid diagram outlines Canada’s basketball journey, from the early days of Joseph and Thompson, through the rise of new stars, their NBA representation, the 2023 FIBA World Cup, and the aspirations for the 2024 Olympics and beyond.

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