Top goal scorer soccer strategy


Soccer is a sport loved by many, and one of the most exciting aspects of the game is seeing goals being scored. Every soccer team strives to have a top goal scorer who can consistently find the back of the net. In this article, we will discuss the strategies and techniques that can help players become the top goal scorer on their team.

The Importance of Positioning

One of the key factors in becoming a top goal scorer is positioning. A player who knows where to be at the right time has a higher chance of scoring goals. Positioning involves understanding the movement of the game, anticipating plays, and being in the right place to receive a pass or make a run towards the goal.

For example, a striker who positions himself between the defenders, ready to pounce on any loose balls or crosses, increases his chances of scoring. Similarly, a midfielder who times his forward runs into the box correctly can find himself in goal-scoring positions more often.

Finishing Techniques

Being a top goal scorer requires exceptional finishing skills. A player must be able to strike the ball cleanly and accurately to beat the goalkeeper. There are various finishing techniques that can be employed, such as:

1. Placement:

Placing the ball into the corners of the net, away from the reach of the goalkeeper, can be an effective technique. By aiming for the corners, there is a higher chance of scoring as it reduces the goalkeeper’s ability to make a save.

2. Power:

Powerful shots can be difficult for goalkeepers to handle, especially if they are struck with precision. By generating power through proper technique and strong leg muscles, a player can increase their chances of scoring goals.

3. One-on-One Situations:

When facing a goalkeeper in a one-on-one situation, it’s crucial to remain composed and make the right decision. Whether it’s going for a quick shot, dribbling past the goalkeeper, or using feints and fakes to create space, the ability to make split-second decisions is vital for a top goal scorer.

Team Chemistry and Communication

Not only individual skills matter but also the ability to work well with teammates. Building strong team chemistry and communication can lead to more goal-scoring opportunities. Players who understand each other’s playing styles, movements, and preferences can create effective plays that result in goals.

For instance, a player who knows his teammate’s preferred runs and timing can deliver accurate passes to assist in scoring goals. Effective communication on the field ensures better coordination and increased goal-scoring potential.


Becoming a top goal scorer in soccer requires a combination of skills, techniques, and teamwork. By focusing on positioning, improving finishing techniques, and fostering team chemistry, players can increase their chances of becoming the top goal scorer on their team. Remember, consistent practice and dedication are essential for achieving this title.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I improve my positioning on the field?

Improving positioning involves studying the game, understanding player movements, and developing the ability to anticipate plays. Regularly watching matches, analyzing the play of experienced top goal scorers, and practicing situational drills can help improve positioning.

2. Are there any specific drills to enhance finishing skills?

Yes, there are various drills that can help improve finishing skills. Some examples include shooting at different angles, practicing one-on-one situations with goalkeepers, and participating in finishing exercises that focus on accuracy and technique.

3. How important is teamwork in goal scoring?

Teamwork is crucial in goal scoring. Understanding your teammates’ strengths, communicating effectively, and creating plays together can lead to more goal-scoring opportunities. Building team chemistry and cohesion is essential for successful goal scoring.

4. Which soccer players are considered top goal scorers in history?

There have been many outstanding top goal scorers in soccer history, including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele, and Gerd Muller. These players consistently scored a high number of goals throughout their careers, showcasing their remarkable goal-scoring abilities.

5. How can I maintain consistency in goal scoring?

Maintaining consistency in goal scoring requires a combination of factors. Regular training, staying physically fit, analyzing and learning from each game, and having a positive mindset are all essential for maintaining a high level of performance.