Penalty kill rates Hockey Betting Strategy


When it comes to hockey betting strategies, understanding penalty kill rates can give you an edge. Penalty kill rates refer to the percentage of penalties that a team successfully defends against. In this blog post, we will delve into penalty kill rates, explain their significance, and provide you with helpful tips for incorporating them into your hockey betting strategy.

What are Penalty Kill Rates?

Penalty kill rates are a key statistic in hockey that indicate a team’s ability to defend against opponents during a penalty situation. When a player from one team commits a penalty, they are sent to the penalty box, leaving their team with a numerical disadvantage on the ice. The opposing team then goes on a power play, where they have an advantage. The penalty kill rate is the percentage of power plays that the defending team successfully kills off without allowing a goal.

Why are Penalty Kill Rates Important for Hockey Betting?

Understanding penalty kill rates can be crucial in making informed betting decisions. A team with a strong penalty kill rate indicates that they have a well-organized and disciplined defense. They are more likely to successfully defend against the opposing team’s power play, reducing the chance of conceding goals. On the other hand, teams with a weak penalty kill rate may struggle to defend effectively and may give up goals more frequently.

Factors Affecting Penalty Kill Rates

  • Team Defensive Skills: High-quality defensemen and skilled goaltenders can significantly impact a team’s penalty kill rate.
  • Coaching Strategy: Different coaches may employ varying penalty killing strategies, which can influence a team’s effectiveness in defending.
  • Discipline: Teams that take fewer penalties have fewer opportunities for opponents to score on power plays, positively impacting their penalty kill rate.
  • Injury and Lineup Changes: Injuries or changes to key penalty-killing players can affect a team’s overall penalty kill effectiveness.

How to Incorporate Penalty Kill Rates into Your Betting Strategy

If you want to leverage penalty kill rates in your hockey betting strategy, here are some tips:

  1. Research: Look for teams with consistently high penalty kill rates and assess their matchups against teams with strong power plays.
  2. Consider Overall Team Strength: Analyze a team’s defensive skills, goaltending performance, and overall team discipline. Teams with better defensive abilities are more likely to have higher penalty kill rates.
  3. Watch for Injuries: Keep an eye on key players who excel in penalty killing. Injuries or absences can weaken a team’s penalty kill performance.
  4. Track Trends: Monitor penalty kill rates throughout the season, as teams may experience fluctuations and improve or decline over time.


Penalty kill rates in hockey are a valuable indicator of a team’s defensive capabilities during penalty situations. Incorporating penalty kill rates into your hockey betting strategy can help you make more informed decisions and increase your chances of success. Remember to analyze team strengths, check for injuries, and track trends to maximize the effectiveness of this strategy.

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