Comprehensive Guide to the 2023 NCAA Hockey Tournament: Odds, Predictions, and How to Watch


Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the 2023 NCAA Hockey Tournament! In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the tournament, including odds, predictions, and how to watch the exciting games. As experts in the field, we strive to deliver high-quality content that outranks other websites, ensuring that you have access to the most relevant and valuable information.

Understanding the NCAA Hockey Tournament

The NCAA Hockey Tournament, also known as “March Madness on Ice,” is an annual event that showcases the top collegiate ice hockey teams from across the United States. It features intense competition, thrilling moments, and a chance for teams to prove their skills on the national stage. The tournament follows a single-elimination format, where teams battle it out for a chance to reach the coveted Frozen Four and ultimately claim the championship title.

Tournament Format and Teams

The 2023 NCAA Hockey Tournament will feature a total of 16 teams selected through an elaborate process that includes conference championships and at-large bids. The teams are divided into four regions, namely East, West, Midwest, and Northeast. Each region consists of four teams, with the top-ranked team in each region receiving a seed of #1.

Here’s a breakdown of the teams and their respective seeds in the tournament:

East Region

  1. Boston University Terriers
  2. Cornell Big Red
  3. Providence Friars
  4. Northeastern Huskies

West Region

  1. Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs
  2. Denver Pioneers
  3. Arizona State Sun Devils
  4. North Dakota Fighting Hawks

Midwest Region

  1. St. Cloud State Huskies
  2. Wisconsin Badgers
  3. Michigan Wolverines
  4. Bowling Green Falcons

Northeast Region

  1. Boston College Eagles
  2. Clarkson Golden Knights
  3. Massachusetts Minutemen
  4. Quinnipiac Bobcats

Tournament Odds and Predictions

Now, let’s dive into the odds and predictions for the 2023 NCAA Hockey Tournament. Please note that odds are subject to change and should be verified closer to the tournament start date.

Early Favorites

The early favorites to win the tournament are often the top-ranked teams from each region. In the 2023 tournament, teams like Boston University, Minnesota Duluth, St. Cloud State, and Boston College are considered frontrunners due to their strong performances throughout the season and their talented rosters.

Dark Horse Contenders

While the favorites may have an edge, the NCAA Hockey Tournament is known for its unpredictability, and dark horse contenders often emerge as serious threats. Keep an eye on teams like Cornell, Denver, and Michigan, as they have the potential to surprise and make deep runs in the tournament.

Upset Potential

Upsets are a thrilling part of the NCAA Hockey Tournament, and it’s important not to underestimate the underdogs. Every year, we witness lower-seeded teams outperforming expectations and defeating higher-ranked opponents. The tournament is full of intense matchups where anything can happen, making it an exhilarating experience for fans and bettors alike.

How to Watch the 2023 NCAA Hockey Tournament

Watching the 2023 NCAA Hockey Tournament is an excellent way to witness top-notch ice hockey action and support your favorite teams. Here are some ways to catch the games:

  1. Television Broadcast: The tournament will be televised on major sports networks, such as ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU. Check your local listings for the specific channels airing the games.
  2. Streaming Services: Many streaming platforms offer live sports coverage, including the NCAA Hockey Tournament. Services like ESPN+ and CBS All Access provide streaming options, allowing you to watch the games online from your preferred device.
  3. Official NCAA Website: The official NCAA website is another reliable source for streaming the tournament. They often provide live streams of the games, keeping fans engaged throughout the tournament.
  4. Sports Bars and Restaurants: Consider visiting local sports bars or restaurants that have multiple screens and cater to sports enthusiasts. They often broadcast major sporting events, including the NCAA Hockey Tournament, creating a lively atmosphere for fans to enjoy the games together.

Tournament Schedule

To ensure you don’t miss any of the thrilling matchups, it’s important to be aware of the tournament schedule. Here’s a breakdown of the key dates and rounds:

  1. Selection Sunday: This is the day when the tournament field is announced, revealing the 16 teams and their respective seeds. Selection Sunday typically takes place on a Sunday in mid-March.
  2. First Round: The first round features intense matchups between the teams within each region. It’s an elimination round, with only the winning teams advancing to the next round.
  3. Regional Semifinals and Finals: The winners from the first round move on to compete in the regional semifinals and finals, commonly known as the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight. These rounds determine which teams will progress to the Frozen Four.
  4. Frozen Four: The Frozen Four brings together the remaining four teams from each region. They face off in two semifinal games, with the winners advancing to the championship game.
  5. Championship Game: The championship game is the pinnacle of the NCAA Hockey Tournament. It features the two teams that have battled their way through the tournament, vying for the title of national champions.


In conclusion, the 2023 NCAA Hockey Tournament promises to be a thrilling event filled with fierce competition and unforgettable moments. As you anticipate the tournament, stay updated with the latest odds and predictions to make informed decisions. Don’t forget to mark your calendar with the key dates and explore the various options available for watching the games. The NCAA Hockey Tournament is an extraordinary showcase of talent, teamwork, and passion, and we hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with the necessary information to fully enjoy and engage with the tournament.