MLS Power Rankings: Analyzing the Rise and Dominance of Teams This Week

September 7, 2023

Lionel Messi & Inter Miami: The New Contenders

Lionel Messi’s association with Inter Miami has sparked an unprecedented level of excitement and intrigue in Major League Soccer (MLS). The presence of a global icon like Messi, coupled with Inter Miami’s recent performances, underscores the dynamic shifts occurring in this season’s power rankings.

Toronto’s Surprising Victory Over Philadelphia

It was a shocker when Toronto overcame Philadelphia. Historically, Philadelphia has been a strong contender in the league, but this surprising result reiterates the unpredictable nature of the MLS. Toronto’s win serves as a reminder that no team can rest on its laurels, and every match offers a new opportunity to rise or fall.

The Power Rankings Debate

The MLS Power Rankings, determined by a panel of 15 individuals, have always been a topic of intense debate among fans and experts alike. While some believe the rankings play a pivotal role in determining the fate of teams, others argue that they are merely indicative and not entirely reflective of a team’s potential or performance. However, the fluctuating positions of teams like Cincy, who suffered a loss at home but managed a commendable road win against Atlanta, demonstrate the fluid nature of these rankings.

Cincy’s Road to the MLS Cup

Cincy’s incredible comeback against the Five Stripes wasn’t just a testament to their resilience but also highlighted their candidacy for the Supporters’ Shield. With each passing game, Cincy is proving why they could be potential MLS Cup winners. Preparations for this possibility are in full swing, as the team consistently showcases its prowess on the field.

The Union’s Redemption and Columbus’s Rise

The Philadelphia Union, despite their loss to Toronto, showcased their strength by clinching a significant victory over the Red Bulls. Meanwhile, Columbus’s Cucho Hernández is emerging as a top contender in the league. With a hat trick under his belt against a probable playoff team, Hernandez is solidifying his position as one of the most impactful signings in MLS history.

Orlando’s Strategic Moves

Orlando’s decision to transfer striker Ercan Kara to the Turkish Süper Lig and promote Duncan McGuire to the coveted No. 9 spot has been a strategic masterstroke. This change, coupled with their recent performance against formidable teams, suggests that Orlando is gearing up for an even stronger showing in the coming matches.

LAFC’s Tricky Path Ahead

LAFC’s recent losses, especially the one against Inter Miami, have put them in a precarious position. With only two points separating them from both the 10th place and the top spot, their journey ahead seems challenging. Their upcoming fixtures will play a crucial role in determining their fate in the league.

St. Louis’s Historic Debut

In what can only be described as a fairy tale debut, St. Louis has stunned critics and fans alike with their exceptional performance this season. Despite this being their inaugural year in MLS, they have managed to establish a significant lead in the Western Conference.

The Revs’ Consistent Performance

The New England Revolution, after a minor setback against Montréal, have managed to stay consistent in their league performance. Their upcoming fixtures against teams like Minnesota, Colorado, Chicago, and Charlotte present them with an excellent opportunity to further solidify their position.

The West’s Competitive Landscape

Teams like Houston, Seattle, and Nashville are continually reshaping the competitive landscape of the Western Conference. With each game, these teams are setting new benchmarks, making the race for the top spot even more intense.

The East’s Mixed Fortunes

While Atlanta and the Whitecaps are showing signs of progress and potential, teams like Montréal and D.C. United have had their share of ups and downs. However, the playoffs are still a realistic goal for many, provided they can maintain consistency in the coming matches.


This week in MLS has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. With unexpected victories, strategic team reshuffles, and the rise of new contenders, the league is setting the stage for an exhilarating finish.

This interconnected web of events and strategies in the MLS is indicative of the league’s evolving nature, promising an exciting future for fans and teams alike.

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